Woman With Creepy Full-Face Skull Tattoo Arrested for Third Time in Six Months

Alyssa Zebrasky, 27, has a face that many cannot forget. Typically this would be a great way to tap into fame and make social connections, but this woman hasn't really traveled that path.

It isn't every day that you run into a person with a sugar skull tattooed on their face, but that can't be said for police in Ohio since they've arrested Zebrasky for the third time in only six months according to The Sun.

Zebrasky first went viral back at the end of 2018 when her mugshot went viral online, showcasing her tattoo that features a spider web on her forehead, sugar skull decorations around her eyes and mouth, and a biohazard tattoo on her neck.

(Photo: Montgomery County Jail)

Her look is memorable and her most recent arrest on Tuesday proved that as her latest mugshot from the Montgomery County Jail in Ohio also went viral. Zebrasky was picked up stemming from a warrant issued by the Mahoning County Drug Court related to her prior arrest.

That incident from November 2018 involved an altercation and chase with Austintown police and landed her in jail for 14 days. The Sun adds that soon after her initial release, she was picked up again by Boardman police on "theft and drug-related" charges. Cops allegedly found "small bags containing methamphetamine insider her purse," as well as "whitish rock-like substance" and an "orange pill" in containers.

According to The Sun, Zebrasky told authorities that the drugs were Methamphetamine and suboxone while pleading guilty to the charges back in February. The case was transferred to Mahoning County Drug Court, a body "designed to offer people an opportunity for rehabilitation instead of being sentenced to jail" according to The Sun. It is also where the bench warrant that led to her latest arrest came from.

The Sun also notes that the facial tattoos haven't always been part of Zebrasky's look. Back in 2012, she had posted images showing a very different woman. She used to sport a clean face and blonde hair, far different than the person appearing in the mugshots that went viral all across the internet.


The skull tattoo joins a sea of memorable mugshots from across the years, including the mugshot of attractive felon Jeremy Meeks, a man named Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez who was arrested in 2017 and looks a lot like Santa Claus, and another unnamed mugshot from Miami featuring a man with an American flag painted across his face.