Watch the Moment Police Nabbed ‘Horror House’ Parents

New video footage has surfaced, showing the parents accused of chaining their 13 children up inside the house being led away by police in handcuffs.

The arrest was caught on camera by a neighbor's security system. In the video, which was played on CBS News, David and Louise Turpin are led from their home in Perris, California in handcuffs. Each of them is escorted by a sheriff's deputy, walking slowly away from their family towards the law enforcement vehicles down the block.

About 45 minutes after the arrest, most of the Turpins' children rush out of the house and into a van.

The Turpins were arrested on suspicion of torture and child-endangerment. Officials said that Louise Turpin seemed "perplexed" when deputies began questioning her about the conditions her children lived in, as if she had no idea they were doing anything wrong.

Neither local police nor Child Protective Services have had any dealing with the Turpin family prior to the arrest. They moved into their home in Perris in 2014, listing it at a private school, with David Turpin as the principal. The couple has filed for bankruptcy twice.

The 13 Turpin children range in age from two years old to 29. The horror of their lives inside the house wasn't publicized until Sunday, when a 17-year-old girl escaped through a window and called 911 on a deactivated cell phone. When police responded to her call, they said she was so malnourished that estimated her age at 10 years old.

After the Turpins were arrested, police confirmed in a press conference that "three individuals were chained to some form of furniture" when the arrived. The residence was "extremely dirty," with signs of mistreatment, imprisonment and malnourishment, but no evidence of sexual abuse.

"I wish I could come to you today with information that would explain why this happened," said Riverside County Sheriff's Captain Greg Fellows.

Neighbors shared the rest of the world's shock when the story broke, saying they had no reason to suspect what was going on inside the "horror house." Wendy Martinez, whose yard is adjacent to the property, says the strangest thing she saw from the Turpins was a group of four kids laying sod in the front yard at 9 p.m. once.

"It was odd but nothing to call the cops about," Martinez recalled.


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