Watch Shark Attack Newlywed Bride During Honeymoon Swim

A honeymooning groom filmed the terrifying moment his wife was attacked by a shark.

Sarah Illig was vacationing with her husband in the Caribbean when she decided to take a dip in the ocean with sharks, an attraction offered at the resort they were staying at. But the swim quickly turned dangerous when one of the giants latched onto her arm, the Daily Mail reports.

"I felt a whoosh of water, something clamped down on my arm and I assumed my husband was playing a prank on me," Illig said. "Less than a second later I realized how much it hurt and looked past where my goggles were blocking my side vision to see the shark (bigger than myself) latched on to my arm. I pulled away and got out of there."

The attack was captured on video by her husband, Evan Carroll, who had been standing in the water and at first didn't realize what had happened. Illig was treated on sit for minor injuries and didn't need any stitches.

A swim with the sharks a few days earlier ended without incident, and thankfully Illig didn't let the attack ruin the honeymoon, taking to social media to share the video.

"Ended the honeymoon with a bang (bite)," she wrote, adding "Check out the surprise and very rare nurse shark bite in the video and don't forget the volume to hear the crunchhhhh."

Nurse sharks don't typically attack humans and on the rare occasions that they do, the damage is minimal. The creatures have become a popular attraction in the Caribbean due to their docile and gentle behavior.