Watch: Woman Arrested After Raging Against Target Face Mask Display, Confronting Employees

An Arizona woman immediately dubbed "QAnon Karen" on social media was arrested after she pulled all the face masks off a display at a Scottsdale area Target. When employees told her to stop, she refused, claiming they let "everyone else" do that and they only targeted her because she is a blonde White woman wearing a $40,000 watch. In another video shared, the woman told police officers she was sent by President Donald Trump himself and is a spokesperson for QAnon.

The first video, filmed by the woman herself, begins with her looking at the face masks display and declaring she has been "looking forward to this moment my whole f— life." She then swung her arm to knock off each face mask from the racks, declaring this "s— is over" repeatedly. Two Target employees approached the woman to tell her to stop. She refused, telling them they are letting "everyone else" do the same thing. "Why can't I do it? Because I'm a blonde White woman? F— wearing a f— $40,000 Rolex? I don't have the right to do this?" she yelled.

Another clip, published on Instagram Live — this time to her company, The Brand Consortium — shows the woman's interaction with police officers. She told the officers she was "hired" to be a "QAnon spokesperson" and refused to give the officers any "classified" information. She told the officers to call Trump and that she is on the phone with him "all the time." She claimed she was "wired" and refused to put her phone down because she was recording.

The woman also told the officers the video was being live-streamed to "millions" of viewers, even though the video showed less than 100 people were watching live on her Instagram account. The officers told her to turn around as they finally cuffed her. At that point, she yelled, "You're doing this to me because I'm Jewish" repeatedly and yelled out, "This is Nazi bulls—."

While this woman claimed the coronavirus pandemic "is over" during her tirade, it is not, particularly in Arizona. On Sunday, the Arizona health department reported 3,536 new cases and four deaths. The total number of cases in the state since the pandemic began sits at 98,089 and 1,809 people have died. The state set a single-day high in both deaths and cases on Wednesday, when 4,878 cases and 88 deaths were reported, according to KTAR.


"QAnon" is a far-right conspiracy theory centered on the idea that there is a "deep state" within the U.S. government trying to undermine Trump's administration. The theory includes several unsubstantiated and false claims. Lauren Boebert, a Rifle, Colorado restaurant owner who allows her wit staff to carry guns and has said she believes in QAnon, won the Republican primary in Colorado's Third Congressional district race. Trump congratulated her on the surprise win, writing, "Congratulations on a really great win!"