Watch: Man Livestreams Driving Car Into Louisiana Target, Faces Terrorism Charges

A Louisiana man was broadcasting on Facebook Live when he drove his car through the front entrance and into a Target store. The man then ran through the store before heading out into the parking lot and attempting to steal another car. He is reportedly facing terrorism charges as recordings of his livestream circulate on social media.

The terrifying incident took place in Hammond, Louisiana on Friday, and the driver has been identified as Walter Allbritton III according to a report by The Daily Dot. Another video posted by a man inside the store gives an alternate perspective on the bizarre attack. Allbritton threatened people around with what appeared to be explosive devices, but police now say they were fake. He was taken into custody on the scene before anyone could be hurt.

Allbritton is now facing lots of different criminal charges, including multiple counts of terrorism, resisting an officer, attempted armed robbery, attempted aggravated arson, aggravated assault with a vehicle, aggravated assault of a peace officer and manufacturing and possession of a delayed action incendiary device. He had visited other local stores beforehand, and reportedly left four more fake explosives behind.

Allbritton's motives are still unclear. Louisana Gov. Jon Bel Edwards gave a press conference saying that so far, the investigation indicates that Allbritton was not acting based on his perception of the Black Lives Matter protests currently going on around the country. However, whether or not the man has mental health issues has not been confirmed.

"That's based on some very preliminary information I got just before I walked out, although, I don't entirely rule that out," Edwards said. "I think there may have been another cause for this. Obviously, not one that's justified, but it could have been motivated by something totally different."

No shots were fired during the incident even as dozens of police officers responded to the scene. There was one minor injury reported — a person was cut by glass when Allbritton's car burst through the front entrance. They were reportedly treated on the scene.

Many viewers of the video assumed that Allbritton was suffering from a combination of mental health issues or perhaps extreme intoxication. Throughout the videos, he maintained a consistent, ominous giggle, with just a few discernable words throughout. Just before driving into the Target he seemed to say: "watch this Mr. Police man!" Near the end, he shouted: "shoot the n—!"


Allbritton's bond was set at over $1.5 million, according to a report by WAFB. Police say they believe he acted alone, but the investigation is still ongoing.