Watch: Family Warns of 'Dry Drowning' Following Child's Death Days After Swimming

As one family prepares to say goodbye to their child, they want to warn parents of the rare condition that took their son's life.

Nearly a week after a family trip to the Texas City Dike, Francisco Delgado, Jr. called 911 because his 4-year-old son, Frankie stopped breathing. CBS News affiliate KHOU-TV reports that Frankie had been exhibiting symptoms of a stomach bug, including vomiting and diarrhea for several days.

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Doctors at the hospital discovered fluid in the boy's lungs and around his heart, telling the family that Frankie died from a condition known as dry drowning.

While drowning most commonly happens in pools, at the beach or in lakes, dry drowning can occur hours or days after the victim has inhaled water. The condition, which is rare and linked to only one or two percent of all drowning cases, mostly occurs in young children.

Medical experts say that the symptoms of dry or secondary drowning include sleepiness, fatigue, vomiting, persistent coughing and trouble breathing.

Frankie's mother Tara, described her son as "full of life" and said that "for 4-years old, he had a big heart."


Photo: Twitter / @cnn


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