Waffle House Waffle Mix Sells out in Just 4 Hours Online

At least one thing is flying off store shelves faster than toilet paper during the panic buying brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Just four hours after announcing on Wednesday that it would be selling its beloved waffle mix in its online store, Waffle House revealed that it had completely sold out. In a tweet, the chain announced that, "Waffle Mix is currently sold out, but we're working to restock!"

Currently sold out, the waffle mix is listed on the chain's online shop for $20 for three bags. Described as "Waffle House's very own waffle mix for your kitchen," each bag makes enough batter for 5-6 waffles. To create the same flavor that you can get in-restaurant, the mix only requires the addition of one egg and two cups of half and half.

With millions of people across the country forced to remain at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, the chain had announced Wednesday that it would begin selling its waffle mix online. Having shuttered hundreds of its stores, the new offer would allow Waffle House fans to bring the taste of the restaurant to their own homes, and it was immediately met with eagerness from social media.

"Thank you [Waffle House] for bringing your magic to all home-bound Americans!" wrote one fan.

"So so so happy I was able to see the post earlier and was able to order some!" commented another. "Moving back out west means no more Waffle House but not anymore."


Of course, the reactions were just as quick to roll in after it was announced that the mix had sold out. Many fans replied that it was a "bummer" that they had missed out. Even more were begging the chain to restock, with one person writing, "Please restock ASAP."

It remains unclear when the waffle mix will be back in stock on the online store. To stay in the loop, it's best to keep tabs on the Waffle House Twitter account. Although the pancake mix is currently out of stocks, customers are still able to order an abundance of other Waffle House items, including apparel, phone cases, blankets, and even Waffle House coffee.