Virginia Incel Charged and in Federal Custody After Making Bombs to Kill 'Hot Cheerleaders'

A man in Richlands, Virginia is in federal custody after allegedly lying to investigators about [...]

A man in Richlands, Virginia is in federal custody after allegedly lying to investigators about him in possession of explosives to kill "hot cheerleaders," as well as his own injuries that resulted. According to The Daily Beast, court documents revealed that 23-year-old Cole Carini had gone to a health clinic in Richlands with an amputated hand, missing fingers on his other hand as well as shrapnel wounds across his neck and throat.

Carini, who is suspected of being part of the Incel movement, told officers a lawnmower accident caused his injuries at his home. However, after searching his home, investigators noticed hi lawn was overgrown, implying that his lawnmower had not been used anytime recently. However, they did find evidence of an explosion, consistent with the types of injuries the suspect himself sustained. That evidence included a "flesh-colored substance that... looked like a piece of human skin," as well as a plastic bottle filled with triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, which they clarified was a "substance used in the creation of improvised explosive devices," inside a footlocker.

Beside that footlocker was a box of rusty nails along with a plastic container with the top that had been "peeled back in a manner consistent with an explosion." In addition to damages to the blinds, there was also reportedly some flesh stuck to the ceiling. There was more evidence nearby in a shed behind his grandmother's house, including PVC pipes, loose wires and various chemical containers. There was also a partially-legible letter that seemed to detail Carini's intentions behind making an explosive device.

"He casually walked through the shopping mall, his jacket concealed deadly objects," the letter read, in part. He also wrote about the "tension that would come and go as he approached the stage of hot cheerleaders." It went on to read that he "will not back down I will not be afraid of the consequences no matter what I will be heroic I will make a statement like Elliott Rodgers (sic) did he thought to himself." After another round of questioning, Carini denied that he was in possession of explosives. On Thursday, he was taken into custody and charged with one count of lying to federal agents.

The affidavit regarded Rodgers as an Incel or "involuntary celibate," who killed six people and injured 14 back in 2014 before killing himself. He'd also left behind a manifesto, of sorts, which read "If I can' t have you girls, I will destroy you." Since then, he's become something of a hero to the community, who resent women from rejecting them sexually.