Viral Bigfoot Sighting Video Prompts Frenzy of Experts to Uncover the Truth

Bigfoot is back, baby! And with the return of the mythical creature in the headlines, so come the experts who want to poke holes in theories, share their own and even team up for a few more new ones. A recent viral video out of Michigan is what got the Bigfoot hive stirring, with some experts flocking to the video to give some answers.

According to The Daily Star, the video has been watched over 600,000 times, and the "gorilla-like" featured crossing a river is leaving confusion in its wake. Is it the legendary Bigfoot, a true-to-life Sasquatch? Or is it just some loose ape or man in a hairy ape suit?

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RSMO) are the leading group of experts looking into this clip, studying it and looking for the key to unlocking the secrets of the forests. Sadly, the truth eludes them once again. "I don't know what it is, there are a lot more questions than answers. A lot of people think that it's maybe someone with a mosquito net or a face covering," a member of the group commented on YouTube. "There's a side profile screenshot that plainly shows the nose exposed to the air and it's the same color as the rest of it."

As with most Bigfoot sightings, the creature is far enough away to allow doubt to seep into the situation. So the ability to successfully ID the mysterious figure is made more difficult from the start, especially when the initial camera person refuses to confront the beast despite having one life to live.

"It may very well be a person. I hear people saying it's someone in hip waders, I've never seen hip waders that go up over your head, I don't know, maybe stretch em' up over his face and head, and I don't know how his big, old schnozz is still sticking out there on the side," a voiceover for the video says. "Yeah, this is just really weird. Hope they're not yanking our chain."


Other experts dropped their opinions into the pile, including a few who felt it could be Bigfoot but that it also might not be Bigfoot. They also criticized the video, saying it was shot on a cell phone at a terrible resolution and at 30 frames per second. That said, 30 frames per second is how much a person visually processes with their eyes so that raises more questions.

The video out of Michigan is only one of a few Bigfoot-related incidents, sightings and media shared in recent days. We have a story out of Mississippi where Walt Grayson shares his personal story of hearing a Bigfoot howl. Then farther south in Lakeland, Florida, we have Bigfoot sightings alongside the equally mythical skunk ape. "Florida has the third largest number of sightings in the country, only behind California and Washington," Marty Pippin, organizer of the Great Florida Bigfoot Conference, told WFLA.