UFO Seemingly Flies Into Active Volcano in Recent Video

A recent UFO sighting is a lot more common than you'd expect.

A recent UFO sighting actually a repeat occurrence in the Popcatepetl, Mexico area, with some even claiming the volcano is really some sort of extraterrestrial portal. The thermal behemoth had only recently returned to activity in recent months, making the return of the sightings a peculiar development.

According to The Sun, cameras that monitor the mountain caught the object as it made its way down toward the 17,802-foot tall mountain, the second highest in the country. After making its way to the crater, the glowing object descends into the crater and disappears.

This active volcano is reportedly a hot spot for UFO sightings and has been for years, with one expert saying that no "man-made" object could just enter the lava bubbling in the crater. This is why Mexican UFO expert Jaime Maussan has kept watch on the locale over the years and believes the crater acts as some sort of gateway.

"The University of Bergen in Norway discovered that under the volcano there are magnetic storms necessary to be able to generate X-points or regions of electron diffusion and be used to create a Dimensional Portal," Maussan said, noting that X-points are locations where magnetic fields of the Earth and the Sun meet.

This should obviously be taken with a grain of salt. Maussan is connected to the previous claims about tiny mummies from Cuzco, Peru that were touted as alien proof on the floor of Mexico's Congress. That said, this is not the first sighting and surely won't be the last.