Social Media Stunned by UMBC's Historic NCAA Tournament Upset

History was made Friday night in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament as a No. 16 seed, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, pulled off an upset over No. 1 seeded Virginia 74-54.

This marked the first time a No. 16 seed had beaten a No. 1 seed (one win to 135 losses), and as a result it shattered most of the remaining March Madness brackets as many fans had slotted Virginia (31-3) to at least make it to the Final Four.

Fans expressed their utter shock on social media after the game. Many also took notice that the school's mascot is a golden retriever.

"How is Air Bud not the mascot for the UMBC Retrievers?" user by the name of Travis Haney asked.

"Live look at brackets nationwide," another wrote along with a gif of an explosion.

"Air Bud has to be so proud of his alma mater," chimed in another.

"RESPECT. GAINED." Bleacher Report wrote, responding to a tweet from UMBC's account that demanded fans respect them.

The account also joked that fans had crashed their athletics website as a result of the win.


"C'MON GUYS, you crashed our dang website, our IT people wanna watch the game too, please form an orderly line."

UMBC will advance to the second round of the tournament on Sunday when they take on No. 9 seed Kansas State at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.