Twitter Pokes Fun at Donald Trump for 'Smocking' Typo in New Smoking Age Tweet

President Donald Trump became the laughing stock of Twitter Friday morning after he tweeted about a new bill that would raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. In his tweet though, the president misspelled the word as "smocking," prompting many users on the social media platform to poke fun at the newly-impeached president.

At press time, Trump had deleted the tweet with the typo and replaced it with the correct spelling.

"It's not just a typo since you're written it at least four times!" one Twitter user said, pointing out the fact that he'd misspelled the same word in a few other tweets.

"He's been smocking something," another wrote.

"Have you SERIOUSLY never learned how to spell SMOKING yet? What the hell are you smocking?" another user said.

"As a middle school arts and crafts teacher I can not get behind this bill as long as it includes an unfair bias towards smocking," someone else chimed in.

The new law that Trump was referring to is part of a larger bill that Congress passed on Thursday that will prevent a federal government shutdown. The law will increase the legal age to smoke to 21 next year, and included cigarettes, e-cigarettes and all other tobacco products. The nationwide increase in the legal smoking age has long been a goal of anti-smoking advocates and has bipartisan support.

According to BuzzFeed News, cigarette smoking has declined in high school seniors to just 3.6 percent daily smokers, but the use of e-cigarettes has nearly doubled from last year, with 20.9 percent reporting such use in the last month. The increase, along with a nationwide outbreak of unrelated but deadly lung injuries among illicit vaping products, spurred the legal age increase. Even some tobacco firms, as well as the American Vaping Association, has supported the move.


The spending bill passed Tuesday in the House of Representatives and in the Senate on Thursday. The age increase is expected to take effect nationwide in about nine months after the bill is signed.

In his tweet, Trump wrote that he will be signing the "BIG!" Billion Dollar Defense Spending Bill on Friday.