Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway Says She Was Sexually Assaulted

Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Donald Trump, revealed she was a sexual assault [...]

Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Donald Trump, revealed she was a sexual assault survivor during an interview on Sunday.

Conway appeared on CNN's State of the Union to discuss the ongoing Brett Kavanaugh hearings and investigation with host Jake Tapper. She expressed her empathy to the survivors of assault and harassment and said that she, too, was sexually assaulted.

"I feel very empathetic, frankly, for victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment and rape," Conway said. "I'm a victim of sexual assault. I don't expect Judge Kavanaugh or Jake Tapper or Jeff Flake or anybody to be held responsible for that. You have to be responsible for your own conduct."

Tapper was surprised by Conway's revelation and was sympathetic towards her. However, he did attempt to question why she would work for the POTUS, who himself has been accused of sexual assault numerous times.

"This is the first time I've ever heard you talk about something personal like that and I'm really sorry," Tapper said. "You work for a president who says all the women who have accused him are lying..."

Conway then cut Tapper off, saying she does not want her story to be "conflated" with the accusations against Trump in any way. Tapper then re-framed his question to ask how being a survivor changes her thought process on how sexual assault accusations should be handled.

"My question is, as a survivor of this (sexual assault) — and again, I'm personally deeply sorry about whatever pain you've gone through — does that not make you think, when you hear somebody like Professor Ford or other people make allegations, does that not make you think, 'These women need to be heard, and even if there are no corroborating witnesses, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence?'" Tapper asked.

Conway replied, "They should all be heard, and they should be heard in courts of law. They should be heard in depositions. They should be heard in proceedings. Those who can prosecute, those who have civil or criminal causes of action should pursue that. But we do treat people differently who are victims or perpetrators of this based on their politics and based on their gender. That is a huge mistake."

Conway has not provided any further details of the alleged assault.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Mark Wilson