TRENDING: What Makes Women Find A Man Attractive?

It's the classic conundrum: Do women like a nice guy or a bad boy? BuzzFeed conducted a large poll of its readers and asked them to choose between a few different scenarios in which the same man posed as two different versions of himself: a more feminine version (the "nice guy") and a more masculine version (the "bad boy").

buzzfeed what makes a man attractive
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Almost 400,000 people took the poll, and its results were surprising, defying gender norms! In 6 out of 7 tests, the poll audience voted for the more feminine option. Take a look at their findings below.


Conclusion: the results of this experiment suggest that the sample polling group of upwards of 400,000 people preferred the less traditionally masculine portrayals, going against established societal gender norms and supporting a theory that our perception of male attractiveness is changing.

Click here to take the poll. Do your results match up with the poll's findings? Share your thoughts in the comments below!