TRENDING: Haylie Duff Says Moms 'Shouldn't Be Afraid To Formula Feed'

Moms everywhere know the annoyances of unsolicited parenting advice. And just like the rest of us, actress and mother Haylie Duff revealed to Us Weekly that she too has a parenting pet peeve.

"All my friends have tiny little babies right now and when you go to a birthday party, the dads will be like, 'What a beautiful baby! Are you breast-feeding?'" the mom of 15-month-old daughter Ryan said. "I’m like, 'That’s not a normal question. That’s not an OK question.'"

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The "Real Girls Kitchen" star, who is engaged to entrepreneur Matt Rosenberg, nursed Ryan exclusively for nearly seven months, until a bout with food poisoning wiped out her milk supply. “That was awful. It was really hard for me,” Duff reveals. “I finally gave her a bottle of [Similac] … and there was no turning back. You shouldn’t be ashamed to formula feed.”

She continued: “Moms do so much comparing. This one has a gluten-free kid and that one doesn’t. This one has a nanny and that one doesn’t. Everybody needs to lighten up. We’re all doing our best.”

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