TikTok User's Homemade Marge Simpson Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Kadejah Baylor, a California resident, may have won Halloween thanks to her Simpsons-inspired costume. According to Newsweek, Baylor showcased her creation, a Marge Simpson costume, on TikTok. The video has since gone viral, as many have shared their appreciation for Baylor's homemade costume. 

The real highlight of Baylor's costume was the wig that she crafted to imitate the cartoon character's sky-high blue hair. On both TikTok and Twitter, she explained that she crafted her own wig after searching for one online and coming up empty. Baylor ended up going to the Beauty Supply and Michael's in order to get all of the crafts that she needed to make her creation. She created the wig by utilizing a large, cylindrical piece of styrofoam. Baylor attached a number of pieces of electric blue fabric in order to come up with Marge's iconic look. 

"At this point, I'm finished with my Halloween costume. I just can't stand to not show people for a whole week," Baylor said in the video. Marge's wig wasn't the only thing that she crafted for the costume, though. Elsewhere in the clip, Baylor could be seen spray painting a pair of white dangly earrings so that she could put together Marge's beloved necklace. Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without a classic green dress. 

In a subsequent video, Baylor posted a clip of herself lip-syncing a scene from The Simpsons to give everyone the full Marge Simpson effect. As Newsweek noted, she acted out a scene from "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield," which is the fourteenth episode of The Simpsons' seventh season. The episode involved Marge, who is voiced by Julie Kavner, buying a Chanel suit in order to fit in with the upper echelon of Springfield society. 


Baylor's videos have garnered massive views on TikTok already, and it's not even Halloween yet. Her video explaining the backstory of her costume has sparked more than two million views on TikTok and her subsequent video has garnered around 250,000. Fellow social media users were blown away by Baylor's creation. One individual wrote, "She understood the assignment." Another joked about the precarious nature of the wig, "The wig looks like it's about to fall over." In turn, Baylor wrote, "Oh it did!"