TikTok Star Says She Was Tricked Into Paying for 100 Tacos at Taco Bell on 'Worst Date Ever'

Tik Tok star Elyse Myers has gone viral by describing her "worst date ever" in a video posted last week. Many commenters agree that Myers has the undisputed record for the worst date of all time, yet they can't help laughing at her misfortune. In addition to missing out on true love, Myers was left with the bill for 100 tacos at the Taco Bell drive-thru.

Myers explained her worst dating experience in just 2 minutes and 42 seconds, prefacing it by saying that she is now married to her "smokeshow of a husband." She said that she matched with a man on a dating app who messaged her and asked if she wanted to get a meal with her. She was optimistic at first, joking: "I love food! Are you my soul mate?!" However, she grew suspicious almost immediately when the man asked her to meet him at his house so that he could drive them to the restaurant together.


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"Why did we not just meet there?" she wondered in hindsight. "I have no idea. I drove 45 minutes to his house." Myers said that once she got there, her date was standing outside of his house waiting for her. He told her that he had lost his keys, and asked her to drive them to this mystery date.

It wasn't until they got there that Myers actually learned they were getting Taco Bell for their first date. She said that she believed this man must have "a plan" as he directed her to the drive-thru, leaned across her, and order 100 hard shell tacos. She began to doubt him, however, when he patted all his pockets and revealed that he had "forgotten" his wallet.

After paying for the exorbitant order, Myers took the man back to his house where they were now able to get inside because his father was at home. She found that all this mystery had led to nothing once the man led her into the kitchen, dumped the tacos out on the table and yelled: "Let's feast!" His father even joined them for the awkwardly silent meal.


To her credit, Myers finally extricated herself from the situation, and she was polite but firm about it. She said that she left with an armful of tacos and said: "You will never hear from me again." She ended her story there, indicating that she stuck to that resolution.

Myers' video has over 2.4 million likes on TikTok at the time of this writing, and almost 44,000 comments. It has also been re-posted on other platforms where it has gotten even more attention. Many users are trying to infer the real intention behind this uncanny date, but unless the man himself speaks out, we may never know.