Chicago's Anonymous Egg Throwing Vandal Now Has to Contend With Egg Hunters on Social Media

A rash of egg-throwing pranks in the Chicago area has amateur detectives scrambling to find the culprit. On social media, a growing amount of attention has been drawn to the "anonymous egg thrower" of Chicago, and the "Chicago Egg Hunters" who have joined forces to catch them. At the time of this writing, the mystery remains unsolved.

The recent rise in eggings around the Chicago area has apparently been going on for some time, but it received national attention this week thanks to an episode of the ICYMI podcast titled "Who Is Egging Chicago? A Hard-Boiled Detective Story." As the title implies, pedestrians have been accosted by raw eggs thrown from cars in recent weeks all over the city. Amateur sleuths believe that it is being done by one person or a small group of people, as there is a distinctive graffiti marking found at most of the crime scenes.

More than 700 people joined together on the Chicago Egg Hunters Facebook page to try and get to the bottom of this mystery. Some have shared horror stories of being hit by raw eggs while walking on the street or splattered with the yolk when the egg hits a nearby obstacle. They're not the only ones on the trail.

According to a report by The Chicago Sun-Times, the eggings go back to at least February of 2021. Many of those early reports include a description of a white box truck with red graffiti on the scene. Earlier this month, ABC Chicago reported that the driver of a truck was fired after the Facebook group reached out to the business it was owned by.

That report declared that "Chicago's nightmare is over," though eggings have continued since then. Of course, the story has now grown in proportion, so the latest attacks could be copycats for any number of reasons. Either way, it seems that meticulously tracking that particular truck did not quite do the trick.


Egging is an age-old prank, though for many it is considered more a form of vandalism or even assault. Raw eggs can seriously damage property, particularly the paint finish on modern cars. Meanwhile, rotten eggs leave a foul odor that takes weeks to clean out of some areas.

Reports of eggings in the Chicago area continue to surface on social media, but the pattern surrounding them is getting less clear. So far, no charges have been filed against anyone in connection with these attacks.