Tiffany Trump 'Likes' March for Our Lives Post About GOP Midterm 'Massacre'

Tiffany Trump, President Donald Trump's youngest daughter, liked a set of March of Our Lives photos that clashed with her father's politics.

Trump liked a photo gallery taken at the New York City March for Our Lives rally by Instagram personality Julia Moshy. The images in the gallery depict numerous protest signs in support of the March for Our Lives and Never Again movements.

(Photo: Instagram / @julia.moshy)

While they could be seen as support for gun control stances or encouragement for Congress to take action, one sign in particular is causing a stir online.

One of the signs Trump liked reads: "Next massacre will be the GOP in the midterm elections."

(Photo: Instagram / @julia.moshy)

Trump's approval feeds the assumption she has more liberal views than most of her family members but keeps her feelings under wraps.

Twitter had a field day once they heard about the social media move by the First Daughter.

"Oh my god I've wanted to say it for so long i can't believe it's finally happening," Twitter user Tyler Dinucci wrote. "Tiffany Trump, welcome to the Resistance."


User Erick Fernandez wrote, "Tiffany Trump definitely hates her dad."

Trump has not commented on the wave of social media comments. Donald Trump has also not commented on implication made by his daughter.