Thomas Markle Reportedly Escalating Calls to Visit Pregnant Meghan Markle, Has Contacted Archbishop and Discussed Grandparents' Rights

Thomas Markle Sr. is hoping to heal his rift with daughter Meghan Markle now that she is pregnant with her first child.

Following news that Markle is pregnant with her first child with Prince Harry, Thomas is reportedly renewing his fight to see his daughter, once again appealing to Kensington Palace to allow him to visit.

"Thomas has reached out to Kensington Palace more so since news of Meghan's pregnancy broke, hoping the baby will be what finally breaks their estrangement," a source told the Mirror.

While he has offered to fly to London once the Duke and Duchess return from their international tour, he is also preparing to take legal action, with the source telling the outlet that he has contacted the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who married Prince Harry and Meghan, for help. He is also reportedly looking into hiring a legal team to force visits through the courts.

"The palace is acutely aware of what problems could lie ahead with Thomas. He strongly believes the baby should be as much a part of his life as they will be Prince Charles's," the source said. "Thomas says the Markle blood will be as much in the child's veins as the 'blue blood' of the royals and he has 'rights.' He admits mistakes but with Meghan pregnant, he is desperate to heal the rift."

Thomas' daughter, Samantha Markle, has since denied the reports.

"Just an idea of what tabloids make up none of this is true ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ridiculous," she wrote on her private Twitter account, according to Yahoo News UK, also sharing a link to Daily Mail's article.

Although it was initially reported that Thomas had found out about the pregnancy news — announced by Kensington Palace on Oct. 15 — through his car radio, a source later claimed that he had been made aware of the news prior to the official announcement.


"Thomas is absolutely delighted. He heard the news before it was made public and was overjoyed. He thinks Meghan will make a great mum as she is already so maternal," the source said. "Thomas sees this as a chance to fix the problems between him, Meghan and Harry. He is desperate to be there for his grandchild and wants to play an active role in their life."

Thomas has reportedly had no contact with the Duchess since before her and Prince Harry's May 19 royal nuptials, which he was forced to miss following a health scare and a paparazzi scandal.