This Sixth Grader Was Penalized For Her Skirt & Her Mom's Response Has Gone Crazy Viral

If asked, any mom would tell you the lengths she would go to to defend her children. In Suzie Webster's case, she defended her daughter on social media, and the response has been viral.

Let's back up. Reese Franyo, a sixth grader in South Carolina, was reportedly sent to the principal's office for wearing a skirt that didn't comply with the elementary school's dress code. Franyo's mother, Webster, shared a photo of the Franyo and the skirt on Facebook and wrote that not only was it exactly in compliance with the school's 5-inches-above-the-knee rule, but that her daughter was also publicly shamed in the hallway by a staff member. The Facebook post has since gone viral, getting over 1,000 shares and over 2,000 reactions.

See her entire Facebook post here:

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What do you think? Did Webster do the right thing? Did Franyo deserve to be penalized? Share your thoughts in the comments below!