This Is What Happens When a Gender-Reveal Party Goes Hilariously Wrong

Warning: Video contains explicit language.

Expectant parents Joe and Leela Krummel had a simple plan: Go to their local party store and explain that they were hosting a gender-reveal party. Hand over a sealed envelope with the baby's gender, and ask the staff to fill a box with the appropriately colored balloons. Open the box later at a gender reveal party and discover if the baby will be a boy or a girl.

Fast forward to the party, when Joe and Leela count down from three and eagerly open the box full of what they assumed would be pink or blue balloons.

Imagine their surprise when a rainbow of balloons popped out of the box!

At first, guests laughed, but Leela, four months pregnant, and Joe couldn't believe their eyes.

Photo via USA Today/Joe Krummel
(Photo: Photo via TODAY/Joe Krummel)

"We were in disbelief when we saw the balloons," says Leela, 29, who works in the medical field. "And embarrassed," adds Joe, "because we had all these people there."

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Joe, a 30-year-old designer and photographer, looked deeper into the box, searching in vain for the doctor's card naming the gender.

Eventually, a party guest found the sealed envelope naming the gender and was able to stage a proper baby reveal.

"Our friends knew the baby's gender before we did!" Joe told TODAY.


What color was the balloon the second time around? Blue — the Krummels are having a boy!

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