Watch: Thief Snaps Leg Trying to Snatch Packages

A package thief in Washington received instant karma when she fell and broke her leg while sprinting to the getaway vehicle.

Surveillance footage captured the incident that occurred in Snohomish County, Washington on Friday, Jan. 26, according to Q13 Fox. The unidentified woman is seen grabbing three boxes off of Lizeth Ababneh's porch just moments after they had been delivered by UPS, but her getaway quickly goes wrong.

As the package thief sprints away with the three boxes, she slips on the wet grass and appears to snap her leg, leaving her struggling to get back up. Her accomplice in the idling vehicle gets out and carries her back to the car, but they don't leave until he goes back to retrieve the packages.

Ababneh, whose RING and Nest security system captured the footage, told her local news station that while she found the incident comical, the packages contained medication for her husband.


The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office has since opened an investigation into the theft and says that the thieves also struck Ababneh's neighbor's house, too.