'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Responds to Donald Trump's 'Horrific' Remarks About Dingell Family

Meghan McCain is coming to Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell's defense following President Donald Trump's "horrific" comments during his campaign rally in Battle Creek, Michigan Wednesday night. After Trump suggested to the crowd in attendance that Dingell's late husband, Rep. John Dingell, was "looking up" from hell, The View co-host took to Twitter to slam the remarks.

"The comments from Trump about Rep Dingell is utterly sick and cruel," she tweeted. "I am sending strength to the Dingell family, especially his wife Debbie. Take heed in knowing he only attacks people for whom he is threatened by their great legacies. History will forever judge him very harshly."

"This is horrific. Just horrific," she wrote in a second tweet, which quoted a video from the rallying showing Trump making the remarks. "It's hard for me to eloquently say how disgusted I am by this. I am just so deeply sorry the Dingell family is being subjected to this bile. Is this what the Trump family version of [Be Best] is? Bullying widows at a public rallies? SICK."

McCain also retweeted a tweet from CNN anchor Jake Tapper that reminded the public that "it's not even the first time he's attacked a dead member of Congress/war veteran and expressed resentment that his family was insufficiently appreciative."

McCain's mother, Cindy McCain, also spoke out against the president's comments, writing on Twitter, "I'm terribly sorry. Please know I am thinking about you."

The McCains are no stranger to Trump's attacks on late loved ones. Following Sen. John McCain's passing in August of 2018, Trump made several attacks against him, including a comment on how the McCain family did not thank him for "approving" the senator's funeral.

McCain has frequently spoken out against the president and his statements regarding her father, calling him "a child who will always be deeply threatened by the greatness of my dad's incredible life" in a May 2019 tweet.

During a recent episode of The View, she even questioned Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., on his father's character and his controversial political rhetoric that targets her father as well as Gold Star families.


"Mr. Trump, a lot of Americans in politics miss character," she said. "And a lot of people miss the soul of this country. You and your family have hurt a lot of people and put a lot of people through a lot of pain, including the Khan family who is a Gold Star family that I think should be respected for the loss of their son. Does all of this make you feel good?"

In response, Trump Jr. sidestepped the question, stating in part, "I don't think any of that makes me feel good, but I do think that we got into this because we wanted to do what's right for America."