The Blood Facial Celebrities Are Swooning Over

(Photo: YouTube)

If you remember Kim Kardashian's headline-worthy blood "vampire facial," then you'll be familiar with the new at-home blood cream.

Dr. Barbara Sturm's customized MC1 Blood Cream is a moisturizer that uses your own blood for maximum anti-aging benefits. Basically, your freshly-drawn blood is processed in a lab, where the white blood cells are separated and added to the cream. Potential benefits include reduced inflammation, collagen stimulation, reduced redness and acne-clearing benefits — so basically healthy, glowing skin.

E! News' beauty editor Taylor Stephan and host Catt Sadler tested out the $1,000-per-jar face cream, where they let Dr. Sturm draw their blood and received their own customized face cream the next day.

Stephan said that after getting over the initial squeamish thought of smearing her own blood across her face, she noticed results in about a week. She noted her skin was smoother than usual, and she didn't notice her typically flaky winter skin. And surprisingly, the cream is white (not red), odorless, and smooth like butter. The stuff has a three-month shelf life, so saying you made the cream last exactly three months, that would be a pretty big chunk of change to shell out for a moisturizer — around $4,000 per year.


Unfortunately, Stephan says the cream is virtually impossible to get your hands on, lest you be a celebrity or beauty editor. But say you could try it out; would you pay big bucks for a blood-infused face cream? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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