Texas Cheerleader Dies a Week After Man Smashed Into Her Car

A Texas cheerleader passed away Friday, just a week after her car hit on the passenger side by a pick-up truck.

Authorities state the teenager, Alexis Butler, 18 of Arlington, Texas was hit by a driver who had his eyes off the road as he was trying to use a court-ordered breathalyzer device installed in his truck.

Reports say Butler was backing out of her driveway in her Toyota Camry on Nov. 10 when the driver of the pick-up truck was looking down at his dashboard, where a breathalyzer was installed. In these cases, the device usually needs to be breathed into when the vehicle starts and periodically throughout the drive, to ensure the driver isn't under the influence.

While fumbling with the breathalyzer, the unidentified 31-year-old driver ran into Butler's car on the passenger side. Butler spent a week in the hospital before succumbing to her injuries.

So far, there are no charges against the driver, though police say there may be some on the way. For now, they're focused on the breathalyzer.


"Number one thing we'll look at is tracking down the original court order to read exactly what it said," Lt. Chris Cook told NBC News affiliate NBC 5. "And, more importantly... determine what the manufacturer recommendation is as far as the guidelines in how to operate this type of equipment. It's very concerning to us, as a police department, that an individual may be operating some type of ignition device while they're in a moving vehicle."

Butler's family took solace in her selflessness, even up until the end, when she signed up as an organ and tissue donor.