Teen Killed Over an iPhone, Mother Says

The mother of a teenager who was fatally shot in Queens says that her son's murder was allegedly over his iPhone.

"I know the friend that killed my son. He was being robbed for his phone," Annie Johnson, the mother of 15-year-old Trevor Rhudd, told the New York Post. "I saw my son dead on the ground with his mouth open, I can't get that out of my head. They turned his pockets out to steal his Christmas money. I never liked that kid. I told that kid I don't like you and I don't trust you and I don't want you hanging out with my son. But my son trusted everyone and liked everyone."

Rhudd was discovered Saturday, Jan. 13, on the second floor stairway of their Edgemere apartment building. He had died of a gunshot wound to his chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.

"They had four kids waiting for him, they rushed him out of the house to kill him. Nowadays you don't need a reason to kill someone. My son was well known and well liked," Johnson explained, having been shown footage of her son's final moments. "The last number on his phone was the number of the kid who killed him."

Miles Sutton, 31, was arrested in connection to the murder after he was found with a gun, though authorities have stated that the weapon was not the same one used in the shooting.


Sutton was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana possession. He was also charged with tampering with evidence, although police have not stated why Sutton faces that charge.

The murder is still under investigation.