Target Stores Ditching Payment Method Before Holidays

Target will no longer accept this form of payment. Will it affect your buying habits?

Target is taking steps to eliminate personal check use as a form of payment at its stores. Starting mid-July, the company will phase out personal checks as a valid form of payment, citing "extremely low volumes" of check use in stores.

While personal check use is low today, it is still present. A move away from personal checks also might raise concerns given the rise of credit card fees for retailers, with Target seemingly leading the way.

A Target spokesperson confirmed the move to NBC Chicago and noted that the chain has taken "several measures" to inform customers before the change becomes official. Customers can expect the move away from checks on July 15, days after the end of Target's Circle Week sales event.

Target stores will still accept cash, credit, digital payments, debit cards and SNAP/EBT benefits. It also follows changes Target has made to their self-checkout policies. The store limits customers checking out with more than 10 items. Stores can also set express self-checkout hours depending on their needs.

Target joins retailers like Five Below and Dollar General looking to return to employees to manage checkouts. The move is reportedly in response to growing lost inventory and acts of theft by those in self-checkout lanes.