Taco Bell Testing Huge Chalupa in Select Locations

It’s no secret that shell-formed foods full of zesty meats and cheeses are the most delicious [...]

It's no secret that shell-formed foods full of zesty meats and cheeses are the most delicious items on any menu, and naturally Taco Bell gives us exactly what we are craving!

For years, Taco Bell has pushed the limits with its delicious tacos, creating new additions to their signature menu like the Triple Double Crunchrap,the Double Chalupa and most recently, testing Fish Tacos. But now the beloved fast food chain is giving foodies an all-new creation called the Triplelupa.

The Triplelupa is an 11-inch flatbread shell stuffed with ground beef, shredded cheese and lettuce, and features a segmented shell that creates three separate Chalupas and takes our pull-apart bread dreams to a whole new level.

Best of all, all three parts — rather, tacos — are a bit different in creation. The Thrillest reports that the tacos specifically include "nacho cheese sauce on one side, chipotle sauce on the other side," and blends the two sauces in the middle.

While the three-in-one taco is perfect for sharing, we know Taco Bell fans will most probably devour one all on their own. However, don't rush out to get one just yet.

Taco Bell states that the new Triplelupa will only be available for $3.49 as part of a test launch at 12 locations in Orange County, California, starting Nov. 21. But don't give up your hopes just yet as the new meaty taco might roll out across the U.S. if it does well with customers.

That is not the only fun offering from Taco Bell this month. The company announced on its website this weekend that they are giving away free Doritos Locos Tacos for customers who purchase a combo or a drink.

The sale details how from now until Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 2:59 a.m. ET, the purchase of any combo or drink will get you a free Doritos Locos Taco. This offer is available only once to each customer, and must be ordered through Taco Bell's app or web ordering service.

Photo credit: Taco Bell