Taco Bell Ditching Nacho Fries

All good things come to an end, and Taco Bell’s beloved Nacho Fries will soon be disappearing from the menu.

The cheesy, delicious menu item, whose launch marked the fast food chain’s largest debut in history, will continue to be on menus nationwide "through early April,” Taco Bell told PopCulture.com, adding that fans of the menu item can check their local Taco Bell locations to see if and where they are still being served.

An exact date for when Nacho Fries will be leaving is not clear.

The fries, which were first introduced in January of 2018, made their triumphant return to cheers and applause in January of this year, first being teased in a “Confidential Internal Memo” that leaked. They officially appeared back on menus nationwide alongside a trailer for the James Marsden-starring faux movie Retrieval, in which “one man must go further than any man has gone before” when Nacho Fries vanish.

The popular snack comes in three different varieties – the regular side boasting nacho cheese for $1.29, Supreme Nachos, a take on nachos supreme that include ground beef, pico de gallo, nacho cheese, sour cream, and optional garnishes, for $2.49, and Bell Grande for $3.49.

News of the beloved dish’s departure is hitting fans hard.

“@tacobell got rid of the nacho fries again, no one talk to me,” one person aired their grievances on social media.

“ITS ONLY 12 AM AND IM ALREADY HURT FOR THE DAY,” another added. “(Taco Bell ended the nacho fries).”

“what do Taco Bell’s nacho fries AND my hopes of someone I’m extremely attracted to realizing I exist have in common?” another fan wrote. “one word: DISCONTINUED.”

Although consumers headed to Taco Bell may be out of luck when they step up to the counter and voice their love for Nacho Fries, the beloved Mexican-style fast food chain is still serving up another odd take on fries: Steak Rattlesnake Fries.

Launched in February, the spicy dish features a base of boldly seasoned, crispy fries topped with marinated steak, and nacho cheese sauce that are then taken up a notch ith a bite of creamy jalapeño sauce and spicy jalapeños.


“Taco Bell is once again challenging the fry-paradigm. This time, the brand is kicking it up a notch with a hot new menu item: Steak Rattlesnake Fries,” Taco Bell said in a statement at the time of the item’s launch. “teak Rattlesnake Fries are here to rattle taste buds.”

The limited-time menu item is sold in two varieties – a la carte in a container and burrito style, meaning that they will be snuggly wrapped in a flour tortilla.