T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T Customers Reportedly Experiencing Major Issues Right Now

If you're a T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T customer who has been encountering problems when placing calls, you're not alone. According to The Verge, there have been numerous reports of outages relating to all three of those cell service companies. The publication noted that these outages spiked at around 2:20 P.M. ET on Monday.

This issue may be entirely on T-Mobile's end. But, outages across T-Mobile's service appear to have affected Verizon and AT&T's services. However, both companies have refuted that report. AT&T told The Verge that its network has been "operating normally," despite what any social media comments and reports have suggested. Verizon also issued a statement to the outlet, saying that its own network is "performing well." The company added, "We're aware that another carrier is having network issues. Calls to and from that carrier may receive an error message."

Verizon's statement continued to express that reports that there have been issues with its service are "false." They also explained how "third-party" sources could have come to this conclusion. According to ABC 7 Chicago, the company's message regarding this matter read, "A lot of factors can contribute to a false report on a third-party website ... a faulty device, network traffic that slows but doesn't inhibit connections, commercial RF blockers, human error, network issues impacting other carriers and more. These types of sites do not evaluate and confirm the crowd-sourced data that they receive, they simply aggregate it and report it. The result can be faulty reports of network performance interruptions causing wide-spread miscommunication for wireless users."

Although, when it comes to T-Mobile, they did relate that its network has been experiencing some issues. The company's president of technology, Neville Ray, confirmed that they are working to fix "a voice and data issue that has been affecting customers around the country." He added that they are "sorry for the inconvenience" and that they hope to amend the problem soon. However, neither Ray nor the company's official Twitter account detailed when customers can expect these issues to be fixed.


ABC 7 Chicago reported that these outages on T-Mobile's network have affected the company's nearly 86 million customers. Additionally, outages on the service have also had an effect on users being able to contact emergency services. As the publication noted, a sheriff's office in Houston, Texas addressed these outages, writing on Twitter, "We were just advised there is a nationwide outage for [T-Mobile's] ability to make 911 calls." It's unclear when T-Mobile's service will be back to normal for its many users across the nation.