Super Bowl 2019: Adam Levine's Wife Behati Prinsloo Sends Love Ahead of Maroon 5 Halftime Show

Behati Prinsloo posted well-wishes for her husband, Maroon 5's Adam Levine on Sunday before his Super Bowl halftime show debut.

Levine will take the field during halftime of Super Bowl LIII on Sunday night to perform with his band. He and Maroon 5 have long had the Super Bowl in their minds as a goal, and this year it is finally a reality. Levine's Prinsloo, Levine's wife and mother of his children, posted about how proud she was on Instagram.

"Once in a life time... so proud of these boys," she wrote, alongside a photo of Levine and his band mates standing on the field. She tagged the Maroon 5's band account in the post as well as the hashtag "Super Bowl 53."

(Photo: Instagram @behatiprinsloo)

Maroon 5 will share the halftime stage with rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi at the end of the second quarter. Many fans expect Scott to steal the show by proposing to his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner on live TV, though that remains a rumor.

Meanwhile, many other big performers have turned down the gig in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and the other NFL protesters. Levine addressed that controversy in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"You know, I think when you look back on every Super Bowl halftime show, it is this insatiable urge to hate a little bit," he said. "I am not in the right profession if I can't handle a bit of controversy. It is what it is. We would like to move on from it and speak through the music."

Levine assured the outlet that he did not take the decision to accept the job lightly, saying: "no one thought about it more than I did."

"No one put more thought and love into this than I did," he said of his decision to perform," he said. "I spoke to many people, most importantly though, I silenced all the noise and listened to myself, and made my decision about how I felt."

To Levine, performing was the best way he could think of to deal with the controversy, process it, and perhaps help others do the same.

"I think we wanted to make sure we were able to speak once again through the music, so yes, absolutely, once we processed these things, it took a lot of looking inward and introspection," he said. "And I thought to myself, 'What is my greatest tool, you know, what is the thing that I can use to express myself ... the best way for the band to express themselves, and how are we going to do it this year? What do we owe ourselves, what do we owe the people?'"


"That is what we did, and I am beyond proud of the finished product, and literally never, never been more excited in my entire life to present this to the people because I believe that it's truly a reflection of all of us," he finished.

Super Bowl LIII is live on Sunday night starting at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.