Storm Area 51: Reno Locals Handing out Free Tinfoil Hats to Visitors

The Storm Area 51 event has drawn a number of people ti the Nevada dessert and a couple of Reno natives are keeping them protected from any possible mind-reading aliens by handing out free tinfoil hats to the visitors. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Chris Reid and Justin Wainscott set up near the Alienstock music stage and began passing out the hats to passers by. “It just seemed like a fun idea, hook people up and give them the necessary protection they need to pull this raid off,” Reid stated.

He later explained that they didn't actually put much planning into the idea, and only just thought of it hours before driving down to the event.

“Everyone we’ve met so far seems pretty chill. … Anyone that’s willing to show up is usually trying to have a good time,” Reid went on to say of how things have gone so far, adding that they are just there to "have a good time."

The Area 51 Raid has taken over the entire Internet today, as many on social media can't seem to take their eyes off of what is happening out there.

"The fact people have actually gone to Area 51 today is the f—ing best thing to happen this year," one person quipped.

Not everyone has been a fan of the idea of the raid, however, as infamous Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar strongly discouraged people from attending in a previous Instagram post.

"I have to comment on this ‘Storm Area 51’ thing. I do understand it was started as a joke by someone, but there are a number of people who are actually planning on showing up," he began.

"This is a misguided idea," Lazar added. "Area 51 is a classified research base. There are no aliens or alien technology located there. The only place there was ever any alien technology was at Site S4, south of Area 51 proper. That was 30 years ago. S4 may have moved decades ago or it’s possible it’s no longer being used for the project."


"I do not support this ‘movement’. The last time someone tried to get in to Area 51 he was shot. This is not the way to go about trying to get more information. What is good, is the interest in the subject - the science and technology," Lazar concluded. "That is what would immediately change the world we live in."

Photo Credit: Mario Tama / Getty Images