Stimulus Checks: Bernie Sanders Pressures Mitch McConnell to Pass More Relief

Senator Bernie Sanders is calling on Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass the $3 trillion HEROES Act relief bill. In his statement, McConnell urged McConnell to “stop worrying” and look past “billionaire campaign contributors.”

Sanders, who ran as a Democratic candidate for the party’s bid to be the next president, voiced his frustration over stalled talks, telling McConnell to “do your job” and to “respond to the needs of working families.” The HEROES Act that Sanders and other Democrats have been pushing McConnell to pass was sent through the House of Representatives back in May but has yet to be voted on nearly four months later. Republican lawmakers are seeking to pass a relief bill that’s closer to $1 trillion as the two sides remain far apart in their negotiations.

A day after directing his growing frustration with McConnell, Sanders used Labor Day to share a few more messages about the country’s current landscape. “While the very rich have grown much richer, tens of millions of workers have lost their jobs, and many families are now struggling to put food on the table and avoid eviction,” Sanders’ tweet began. “Congress must act to protect workers.” On Tuesday, U.S. Senators will return to the nation’s capital to resume talks over a COVID-19 relief package, among other legislative matters. McConnell has spoken about what these conversations may look like upon resumption during a series of press stops in Kentucky, sharing that he believes things won’t get any easier due to the upcoming election. “I can’t tell you for sure whether we’ll get another rescue package or not,” McConnell stated.

When the two sides do get back together, some of the major sticking points that will need to be addressed are unemployment, school aid and where some of the money will directly go. One thing that doesn't seem to be an issue between the two sides is the need for a stimulus check. Both proposals include a check formatted similarly to the $1,200 payment that went out in the first federal stimulus plan. With talks having stalled, many Americans have become irate about the lack of financial support coming their way with no signs of a second check incoming.