2 Stimulus Checks This February? How It's a Real Possibility

After the Biden administration's Build Back Better legislation failed to pass the Senate, the Child Tax Credit payments that American families have been receiving were ended. Then it was proposed that citizens who are eligible could possibly receive two of the stimulus payments in February, which would make up for the lost payment from January. Now, it's been announced that families who received the Child Tax Credit payments can be paid the remainder of their money by making sure to note on their taxes the details sent to them in a letter from the IRS, which can be read up on here.

The main reason that the Child Tax Credit checks did not happen in January is due to President Biden's nearly $2 trillion Build Back Better plan loosing the support it needed to move forward. West Virgina Senator Jon Manchin (D) pulled out of supporting the bill, which kept it from having the number of Senate votes needed to move forward. BGR reported that the IRS advised the Biden administration that in order to have the January payments ready, the bill would have to been signed by the President very soon. The Senate is now adjourned until the new year, meaning that there is no way for the bill to get approved in time for the January Child Tax Credit payments.

Notably, Manchin came under fire from many of his fellow Democrat politicians for refusing to support Build Back Better. "If Sen. Joe Manchin wants to vote against the Build Back Better Act, he should have the opportunity to do so with a floor vote," said Maine Senator, and former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. "He should have to explain to West Virginians and the American people why he doesn't have the courage to stand up."

The West Virginia Senator has also faced criticisms that he is not a true Democrat since he has displayed a pattern of opposing legislation posed by his declared party. When asked if there is still a place for him in the Democrat party, Manchin replied, "Well, I think." He continued, per CNN, "I would like to hope that there are still Democrats that feel like I do. ... I'm socially -- I'm fiscally responsible and socially compassionate. Now, if there's no Democrats like that, then they'll have to push me wherever they want me." In late January, Manchin and President Biden reportedly sat down for a conversation about the Build Back Better plan, and it was decided that in January they would revisit negotiating on how they can get the bill passed.