How Homeless Americans Can Receive Their Stimulus Check

Homeless Americans are still eligible to receive a coronavirus relief stimulus check, and there are detailed instructions on how that can submit to get it. In a tweet, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared a graphic that outlines what anyone "without a permanent address" needs to do to get their "one-time $1,200 Economic Impact Payment."

Since "no income is required" to be eligible for the payment, anyone who may be homeless can sign up to get one with the IRS. They can go to to sign up. They will need to provide their name, a mailing address of some kind, and an email address. They will also have to provide their date of birth, and their valid Social Security Number, as well as a bank account number, if they have one.

They will also need to provide a license or state ID if they have one. Additionally, they will also need to give an IP PIN that would have been sent to them by the IRS, but again, only if they have one. Finally, if they have any children in their custody, they can also provide the name, SSN, and relationship with the child to receive the additional $500 dependant payment(s).

Regarding this option, IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig released a statement, saying, "The IRS is working hard to find new ways for people who don't have a filing requirement to receive their Economic Impact Payment." He went on to say that the Non-Filers tool "is an easy way people can register for these payments. I appreciate the work of the Free File Alliance to quickly develop a Spanish-language version of this tool to reach additional people." Rettig added that "this is part of a wider effort to reach underserved communities."


The IRS explanation of the "Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here" tool states that it "is designed for people with incomes typically below $24,400 for married couples or less than $12,200 for single people." This clause includes the homeless., whether they be individuals or couples. "People can qualify, even if they do not work," the IRS adds. "Anyone claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer is not eligible." The IRS is still diligently working on stimulus check payments, so if you have not received one, it is not too late to apply if you think you might qualify.