New Stimulus Check Bill Could Grant College Students $1,200 Payments

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a major emphasis has been placed on federal relief packages and whether or not another round of stimulus checks would come in. A new bill in Congress is hoping to provide just that for low-income college students in the form of the Student RELIEF Act, with relief standing for 'Recovery Eligibility for Low-Income Individuals to Exact Funds.'

Rep. Bobby Rush, D-III, is the one who introduced the proposal that is seeking to provide help for those who may have missed out on qualifying for the first round of stimulus checks. In the bill, students who receive Pell Grants, which are need-based funds, would be eligible for a one-time payment of $1,200. As Rush noted, this was a group of people where many were ineligible for financial support due to the requirements of the CARES Act. Rush commended colleges across the country for acting swiftly in closing up their campuses, but as a result, he said it placed a strain on many families "who simply cannot afford the unexpected financial burden" of having kids back living at home with another mouth to feed. Along with Rush, the bill has seven co-sponsors.

With the spread of COVID-19 remaining a significant concern for the country as many states have seen spikes in positive tests, talks of federal help have only amped up, even gaining more momentum when President Donald Trump hinted that support would be coming on the way. Suggesting another round of stimulus checks would be coming in the next "couple of weeks," Trump also shared that this would be "very generous."


Another bill that has made some headlines is the proposed 'Explore America' stimulus. This plan also has earned the backing of Trump as he attempts to salvage the travel industry, including hotels and airlines. While details aren't concrete, the package is said to be up to $4,000 and act as a credit that would kick in during tax seasons and cover any travel expense, from theme park tickets to lodging and even restaurants. The purpose of this would be to provide a shot in the arm to the industry that took a severe hit, mostly being out of commission since the lockdowns began.