Donald Trump Says Next Stimulus Check to Be Announced in a 'Couple of Weeks' Will Be 'Very Generous'

There's been talk of a second stimulus check for Americans but it wasn't ever confirmed, and now President Donald Trump is saying the second round will happen and that it will be "very generous." In an interview with Forbes, Trump said there will be another check for families across the nation. However, he did not give many details other than that other than the fact that it will be announced in a few weeks.

"Yeah, we are. We are," he told the outlet after he was asked if citizens will receive another check before continuing with," We had this going better than anybody's ever seen before. We had the best job numbers, the best economics, the best economy we've ever had, and then we had the virus come in from China. Now we're rebuilding it again. We will be doing another stimulus package. It'll be very good, it'll be very generous [...]." When pressed to tell more on exactly how much, he replied with, "You'll find out about it. You'll find out."

While the IRS already paid out a huge chunk for citizens through the CARES act, the HEROES act was recently passed by the House as it awaits approval by Congress. In the meantime, however, Trump threw out an idea to also have a $4,000 domestic travel credit added to the new package since travel companies, restaurants and cities alike have all taken a hit due to the coronavirus. "Create an Explore America tax credit that Americans can use for domestic travel, including visits to restaurants," Trump proposed during a May round-table discussion inside the White House. "That's a big deal."

Adding to his idea, the US travel Association suggested the temporary tax credit that would include gas, lodging and food. At the moment, it's unclear whether the credit would be added to an additional check or be in the replacement of. During the first round of payments, while families were relieved to receive a check at such a crucial time when people are losing their jobs, it didn't follow without criticism. There seemed to be a number of issues anywhere from people not receiving one, to payments being sent to the wrong checking accounts, while others voiced their issues for not getting extra pay for their dependents who are age 17.


The HEROES Act has been designed to address each issue. Not only is their talk of each person potentially receiving a higher payment this time, dependents ages 17 and 18 will also be covered on their parents checks as long as they are claimed as a dependent. Those who are married to non-U.S. citizens will also get a payment, unlike last time because each party needed to have a social security number.