Internet Reacts to Company's Latest Food Trend With Sliced Ketchup

A kickstarter group called Bo's Fine Foods went viral this week when it unveiled its new product, "Bo's Original Slice a Sauce."

The "slice" is a packaged version of ketchup that resembles a slice of cheese commonly used on burgers.

"Slice of Sauce transforms the traditional condiment aisle with individual 'slices' of Signature Recipe Ketchup in a convenient and portable package of 8 portions," the company explains on their Kickstarter page. "Layer it onto your burgers, sandwiches, wraps and more for a delicious burst of flavor and a perfect no-mess bite every time."

NowThis released a video about the product on Thursday that soon garnered much response from users on Twitter, though many were repelled by the idea.

"A ketchup slice is called a tomato you dingus," one user wrote.

"The world's worst fruit rollup," another tweeted.

"Idk why that slice reminding me of that dried up ketchup that's left on the side of the bottlecap," another replied.

"I just discovered something called a ketchup slice and it's an absolute abomination. A crime. Just don't do it. I don't want a ketchup fruit roll-up or anything that resembles a processed slice of ketchup. If someone I know is using this new product, I will disown them in public," Ari Shapiro wrote in an angry post.

"Idk what I'd do if Wendys try serve me a slice of ketchup on my burger," another chimed in.

But other users were a little more open to the idea.

"I am so ready for a ketchup slice on my bacon & egg burger my mouth watering at the prospect," @Supergoodplus wrote.

"Ketchup slices *might* work on a hamburger - even if you wanted that much ketchup - but they can't replace ketchup. You can't mix ketchup slices into a recipe. You can't dip anything into what is effectively tomato flavored savory fruit leather," Ellen McGrody tweeted.

"Slice of bread, slice of turkey, slice of cheese, slice of ketchup. Kinda works," Rayn Kavanagh wrote.


As of Friday afternoon, the company had already broken its goal of $15,000 in donations with 195 backers on Kickstarter.

Photo: Twitter/@LifeAkua