The Difference Between 'Shelter In Place' and 'Lockdown'

The threat of the coronavirus has caused many enforcements across the country. Ever since The [...]

The threat of the coronavirus has caused many enforcements across the country. Ever since The World Health Organization labeled the spread a "pandemic," and the cancellation of professional sports leagues that followed the lead of the NBA, governments both on a local, state and national level have reacted.

One of the strictest actions to date is in San Francisco and five surrounding counties where a shelter in place was ordered for all residents. The terminology is likely foreign to many as its an action that is the first of its kind in the states. Countries like Italy, Spain, France and China previously enacted this due to the outbreak.

Shelter in place is different from a lockdown. With the former, the action is called upon when an outside source that isn't physical becomes a threat. In many cases it involves something biological, nuclear or chemical. In this instance, it's due to the COVID-19 spread. Governments resort to this in order to force its citizens to set up shop inside their homes and avoid outside contact.

With a lockdown, the same approach of keeping safe inside is taken but a lockdown is referred to only when a physical force is present. An active shooter would result in this occurring.

While California has been the first to use such an order, with the precedent set, other counties and states could follow suit. Similar measures have been taken in New Jersey when Hoboken became among the first cities to issue a curfew along with closing bars and restaurants. From there, the state issued a voluntary curfew between 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

On Monday, President Donald Trump held a press conferred where he said the coronavirus crisis could carry into July or August. He advised the states to close down its gathering places, including bars and restaurants, and shutting down school districts.

With tight restrictions being placed and a potential for more shelter in place rulings, the next concern will be when stores will begin restocking their shelves. Trump attempted to calm down everyone over their concerns.

"Yesterday I spoke with the great American Grocers and Supply Chain Executives. We are confident that supply will continue to meet demand nationwide," Trump wrote on Twitter. "These beacons of our community will remain open for you, no matter what. We are working hard to remove any barriers to that effort!"

Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images