Serial Killer Taunts Police in New Letter: 'There Is More'

A convicted serial killer in South Carolina wrote a letter taunting police that there are more victims.

Todd Kholhepp, who previously pled guilty to seven counts of murder, wrote an eight-page letter to South Carolina newspaper the Spartanburg Herald-Journal claiming there were more victims out of the state and possibly out of the country, but he isn't going to give up the names or locations, Huffington Post reports.

"Yes there is more than seven. I tried to tell investigators and I did tell FBI, but it was blown off. It's not an addition problem, it's an multiplication problem. Leaves the state and leaves the country. Thank you private pilot's license," Kholhepp wrote. "At this point, I really don't see any reason to give numbers or locations."

Between 2003 and 2016, Kholhepp, who worked as a realtor, killed seven people in South Carolina. He was arrested after police found Kala Brown, a missing woman, in a storage container with a chain around her neck. She told police that the 46-year-old had shot and killed her boyfriend and that he had claimed his body count was in the "high two-digits."

Don Wood, chief division counsel with the FBI's Columbia Office, stated that there was an ongoing investigation but declined to elaborate.


Kholhepp is serving seven consecutive life sentences plus 60 years with no possibility of parole for the seven murders he pleaded guilty to.