Senator Patrick Leahy Condition's Updated After Hospitalization

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy had a health scare on Tuesday that saw him eventually wind up in the hospital. Leahy came to the forefront over the past few days amid the second impeachment of former president Donald Trump after he was named as the presiding judge for the trial. Since news of his hospitalization came out, Leahy has since been released, according to CNN. He returned home after making a trip to the hospital “out of an abundance of caution.” A follow-up statement after his release noted that Leahy is ready to get back to work.

His quick stint at the George Washington University hospital falls in line with Sen. Dick Durbin claiming the visit was nothing more than for precautionary reasons. His wife also is a nurse at the Capitol hospital and told him that things were looking good shortly after he checked-in. David Carle, a spokesman for Leahy, put out a statement first sharing the news of Leahy’s medical condition. The Vermont native was “not feeling well” before being examined by a physician who later recommended he go to the hospital for observation.

The quick trip to the hospital comes one day after he was named as the presiding judge in Trump’s second impeachment trial. During Trump’s first trial, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was the one who took the responsibility in overseeing the hearing. With Trump now being a former president, the rules and regulations have changed, meaning the President pro tempore of the Senate, who is Leahy, assumes the mantle presiding over the trial. A statement per CBS News showed Leahy taking his new position head-on as he said the oath he has taken is something that will be taken “extraordinarily seriously.” He said he will preside with “fairness” in the trial. With Leahy being released from the hospital shortly after going in, his trial status appears unchanged.

The impeachment trial, which will be in February, will need 17 Republicans to vote with all Democrats to rule against Trump. Early signs suggest that number won’t waver, a notion that President Joe Biden realizes. Biden has mentioned that the trial needs to go on despite the unlikely odds of Trump being found guilty.