Second Stimulus Check: Pelosi and McConnell Set for Coronavirus Relief Showdown

While Americans are wondering when the second stimulus check's may arrive, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are reportedly set for a showdown over the coronavirus relief plan. According to Yahoo! News, Pelosi and McConnell have not privately spoken about their plans, but it's said that they have wildly different stances on what is needed. However, congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle have reportedly said that they believe an agreement will be reached.

In May, House Democrats unveiled their new plan, the HEROES act, a $3 trillion-plus bill that would get help to Americans and U.S. businesses. However, the Senate Republicans are reportedly not keen on this bill, and will instead unveil a $1 trillion proposal. "I expect to begin to lay out to my colleagues in the Senate a proposal," McConnell said. He explained that, in addition to liability contingencies, "kids in school, jobs and health care are likely to be the focus of the bill." Pelosi later said, "There's a recognition that there's going to be a bill. They went from zero to now $1.3 [trillion]. That's not enough, we need more. But we see the public evolution of their thinking."

Pelosi added, "We put our marker on the table. It's very disciplined, it's nothing more than we need. Although, I must say we may need more for education now that the president is making the demand that he is making." Democratic Senator Chris Coons also commented, saying, "If McConnell has any hope of hanging onto his majority, he's got to show leadership and responsiveness and he can't do that by writing a Republican-only bill. We're going to have to find bipartisan answers to these issues."


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has chimed in as well, telling reporters, "Senator McConnell ought to be working across the aisle to prevent mass evictions, a new hunger crisis, and the layoff of more essential state and local government employees — all things that will happen if Republicans continue to delay action or act stingily." At this time, there is no word on when a new round of stimulus checks may be sent, but some leaders have said that they hope to have it done before the end of July.