Stimulus Checks: Mitch McConnell's Inaction Called out Via Congressional Cake

The House Committee on Ways and Means has served up a cake to commemorate the Senate's inaction on a second stimulus package. The House of Representatives had previously passed the HEROES Act in May, though the bill has been dormant in the Senate ever since — all of which the cake points out.

The committee also points out a handful of provisions in the HEROES Act, including extending the $600 weekly unemployment bonus and another one-time payment of $1,200. It directly targets Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who's been on the receiving end of criticism over the lack of legislation on another stimulus package. Including from his fellow members of Congress. Along with the cake itself, the tweet includes an accompanying video, which shows the cake decorated with a page of the HEROES Act bill while School House Rock's "I'm Just A Bill" plays in the background. That is until the cake is cut into, which is when things take a turn.

While both the Senate and the House are currently on recess, both bodies are set to reconvene on Monday, with a second stimulus package being a priority. Just likely not the HEROES Act, at least as its currently written. However, there has been some conflicting information as to the checks themselves. President Donald Trump has indicated he wanted payments "larger" than the $1,200 afforded by the CARES Act, but both McConnell and White House advisor Larry Kudlow suggested the income threshold could be as low as $40,000.


On Monday, McConnell himself reiterated that point while promising reporters, and the general public, to get to work on another stimulus package. "We shouldn't lightly add more to the national debt, but I'm predicting that we will have one more rescue package, which we'll begin to debate and discuss next week," McConnell said. "When my members come back next week, we'll start socializing it with them, begin to discuss it with the Democrats and start the legislative process. I think you can anticipate this coming to a head sometime within the next three weeks, beginning next week."