Second Stimulus Check: Nancy Pelosi Shares Comparative 'Differences' of Relief Bills Between GOP and Democrats

As top congressional lawmakers continue to point fingers following the collapse of stimulus relief bill negotiations, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is hitting back with some facts. Following multiple tweets from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blasting Democrats for pushing for "non-COVID-related, liberal demands," Pelosi took to Twitter to showcase the “differences” between the Democratic backed HEROES Act and the GOP's HEALS Act.

Under the HEROES Act, provisions of which Democrats are continuing to push for amid negotiations, more than $60 billion dollars would be provided for anti-hunger and food assistance, whereas the GOP is only seeking to provide $250,000, according to Pelosi's tweet. Pelosi had previously slammed this "meager" proposal when speaking on The ReidOut, criticizing Republicans for not having "money for children who are food insecure but did have a tax deduction for business lunches that cost a half a billion dollars to give."

Pelosi's tweet also noted that Democrats are seeking to include provisions targeting anti-eviction and rent assistance in a future relief bill, the GOP include nothing of the sort in their proposal. Following the collapse of negotiations, Trump signed an executive order targeting evictions, which Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed was "less of an executive order and more of an 'executive suggestion,'" as it "doesn't even guarantee a moratorium on evictions, let alone identify specific funds to help people who've fallen behind on rent." Recent reports have suggested that as many as 40 million Americans could be evicted before the end of the year if there is no new federal assistance.

Pelosi also noted the difference between the Democrat’s and the GOP's stance on coronavirus testing and contact tracing, things that have been said to be crucial in slowing the spread of the virus and spurring economic recovery. Democrats wish to see upwards of $75 billion put towards this, while she claimed the GOP is only willing to provide $16 billion.


Lastly, Pelosi criticized the difference between funding for schools as they reopen in the midst of a global pandemic. She noted that Democrats have sought to provide $300 billion in funding, whereas the GOP has offered $105 billion.

Currently, negotiations remain at a standstill. Democrats are seeking for both sides to meet in the middle when it comes to a price tag on the bill. Previously pushing for a bill at around $3 trillion, they have said they are willing to drop that to $2 trillion, whereas the GOP’s initial proposal was at $1 trillion.