Second Stimulus Check Looking More Likely as Trump, GOP Warm to Idea

As the United States economy continues to struggle amid the coronavirus pandemic, and unemployment rates remain at staggering numbers, hopes for a second round of stimulus checks are on the rise. Although the fate of a second round of economic impact payments has largely been hanging in limbo in recent weeks and months, the motion is gaining growing support from not only the GOP, but President Donald Trump himself.

On Tuesday, a number of Republican lawmakers voiced their openness to the idea, with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who previously told lawmakers that the economy would need more help to get back on its feet, telling Republican senators during a lunch on Capitol Hill that further direct payments was "one of the things we're discussing." According to Newsweek, Munchin was not the only one to warm to the idea, with Sen. Kevin Cramer stating that "if we can get some discretionary money into the market and the economy, that'd be a pretty good thing." Voicing his support, Sen. Thom Tillis was a little more cautionary, instead suggesting that further payments should not extend to as many Americans as the first round had. Tillis said that they "need targeted tailoring of any kind of stimulus measures if we really want to get it to the people who are hurting the most."

Although Democratic lawmakers have largely been supportive of further economic impact payments, some even petitioning for payments to continue for several months, Republican lawmakers have been more hesitant. While some have stated their desire not to see further payments, some have suggested that further stimulus checks should be tied to employment. The shift in viewpoint, however, came after the president voiced his support.

Speaking with Joe St. George, National Political Editor & Washington Correspondent for Scripps, Trump confirmed that a "very generous" relief package was in the works and would be unveiled within a "couple of weeks." The president did not give a specific number, though he did say that the package would include stimulus checks.

Earlier on Tuesday, The Washington Post published a report claiming that the president had told aides that he supported another round of stimulus checks, as he believes they would bolster is chances at re-election and would also help the hurting economy. The president is reportedly in support of relief similar to that provided under the $2 trillion CARES Act, which saw direct payments of $1,200 to eligible singles and $2,400 to eligible couples. Details of further payments, however, remain unclear.