Santa Takes Adorable Photos With Puppies

One of the most exciting things about Christmastime is all the adorable — and sometimes tragically hilarious — photos of kids meeting Santa, but these festive images of puppies meeting Santa will certainly warm your heart.

Twitter users have been taking to the site to share photos of their beloved dogs posing with Kris Kringle, and they are pretty sweet.

One user wrote, "I'm glad I'm not the only person taking my dog to meet Santa. Wicket was so happy!" Another said, "My dog met Santa, and I can promise you he's picture look better then the ones of your kids."

While most of the puppies are really happy to be seeing Jolly Ol' Saint Nick, there have been notable exceptions, such as the case with little Messi.

"Guys, Kiki and her boyfriend Messi got their pictures taken with Santa on Saturday and I don't think I've ever seen a dog looked more pissed off than Messi in this photo," a Twitter user wrote.


On the whole, though, the majority of the dogs seem to be extremely happy that Father Christmas took time out of his busy Holiday schedule to take a few snapshots with them.