Salt Bae Sparks Debate After Video Goes Viral Showing Him Feeding Woman in Front of Her Date

Salt Bae, the chef known for sprinkling salt in a unique way, sparked debates on social media recently. A video posted on social media showing Nusret Gökçe feeding a woman some meat at his restaurant, Nusr-Et Steakhouse Dallas. Her date sat nearby with an interesting expression on his face.

The social media sensation opened his new restaurant in Dallas' Arts District on March 4, prompting a multitude of hungry diners to head to the steakhouse. The restaurant was booked solid as hundreds shelled out money to see Salt Bae in action. He moved around the restaurant, slicing up gold-covered ribeyes, thick filet mignons, and racks of lamb. He also prompted debates on social media after feeding the woman some meat while her date watched.

"Imagine paying $800 at salt bae’s restaurant for your anniversary and your wifey is giving the eye contact extendo tongue combo for his meat," one Twitter user commented. "I’m flipping the f—ing table." Others weighed in and made similar comments after watching the video. A few called the eye contact "disrespectful" and said that the man should have made a reservation at Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper also continued the debate on Saturday. He and some friends headed to the restaurant and watched Salt Bae chop up some meat while cameras filmed the entire sequence. Cooper danced in his chair and posed for the camera several times, but he did not accept the meat when Salt Bae offered it. Instead, he pointed at other people and tried to get them to take the bite.


A child ultimately ran up and ate the meat off of Salt Bae's knife, but this only kickstarted another debate on social media. Some people said that Cooper was displaying "toxic masculinity" by refusing to eat the food. Others disagreed and said that Cooper had no other option than to turn down the bite.

While the conversations continued on social media about whether Cooper should have taken a bite of Salt Bae's meat, there were other people that just expressed excitement. The reason is that Nusr-Et Steakhouse Dallas is a high-profile establishment that will draw some big names. Some fans on Twitter said that they can't wait to see some members of America's Team eating Salt Bae's meat on camera.