California Man Admits to Killing Wife's Young Boyfriend, Dumping Body in Alley

Russell Kee, 47, pled guilty to the murder of his wife's 24-year-old boyfriend on Dec. 22. He was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison.

An eye-witness says 24-year-old Kyle Hoffman was sitting in his car outside of Kee's apartment building in Modesto, California on Aug. 10, 2014, when Kee approached the car and shot him. Kee then drove off in the car with Hoffman's body, leaving both in a nearby alley and fleeing the scene.

Police say they found Kee shortly thereafter, soaking wet. He had allegedly jumped into a swimming pool in hopes of rinsing Hoffman's blood from his skin and clothes, and left many of the sopping garments in a trashcan as he passed by.

Hoffman's mother confirmed that her son had a relationship with Brandye Kee in the past. She says that her son met the family while playing basketball with their son in junior high. His relationship with Brandye, who has not publicly commented on the case, went so far that the two lived together for a brief time in 2012.

Hoffman's family members didn't know that he was seeing Brandye Kee again at the time of his death. His brother told The Modesto Bee that his brother's relationship with Kee helped him "mature and grow."

Kee's lawyer, Douglas Maner, told PEOPLE: "This case is a tragedy for everyone involved. Russell is looking forward to moving on with his life and do the best he can and get paroled at the earliest possible opportunity. He will be eligible for parole in 15 years."

As far as his client's motive for the crime, Maner says Kee "was a doormat throughout most of his relationship and was a victim of a lot of abuse, and as a result he snapped. The love he has for his children and the love they have for him speaks loudly."


"She went back and forth between the two of them," Maner added, referring to Brandye Kee. "It is your classic love triangle. It is a really horrible thing that happened."