Queen Meets Sixth Great-Grandchild Prince Louis for First Time

Queen Elizabeth finally met her sixth grandchild Prince Louis, the newborn son of Prince William, for the first time recently.

According to Metro, the 92-year-old took a helicopter from Windsor Castle to Kensington Palace so that she could see the infant a week after he was born.

In photos shared by the outlet, the Queen can been seen waving to the cameras as she is driven away from the helipad to see her newborn grandson.

It is also reported that the Queen was actually one of the first people Prince Williams called to share the news with after Louis was born.

As has been reported, the new baby is named Louis Arthur Charles, and he was born on Monday morning, April 23, at St. Mary's Hospital in London.

This is the third child for The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge, after 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte. Additionally, he is the second son of the couple, and will be fifth in line for the throne.

Following the birth of his new son, Prince William suffered quite the week of public appearances as he was caught on camera nodding off, and then appeared to be giving a group of onlookers the middle finger.

In photos, Prince William appeared to be flashing the rude gesture to a crowd, but there was a catch...

(Photo: Getty Images)

As reported by The Sun, the Duke of Cambridge was addressing crowds before getting into a car, and from some angles he appeared to be making the crude gesture at them.

However, as the outlet also noted, in actuality he was holding up three fingers. One for each of his children.

Prior to that, a clip shared by The Daily Mail showed Prince William dozing off while sitting with Meghan Markle and his brother, Prince Harry, during the Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey.

Babies are notorious for being stubborn about things like sleeping through the night, so William has presumably been up off-and-on throughout the night for the majority of the week, which nearly all parents can relate to.

After the video of William dozing off went viral, many parents took to social media to share how much they relate to his situation.


"Poor Prince William! Every parent knows that feeling of overwhelming exhaustion," one person tweeted. "Unfortunately, William has cameras capturing his unsuccessful fight to stay awake!"

"Let the man sleep! A newborn and 2 more little ones and you take him to a quiet service? How much can this man take," wrote another, while someone else commented, "Poor guy. Who in the world can blame him? Get some rest, buddy!"